Here it is! The internets most effective vehicle for pushing my creative agenda out to the world! I’m no blogger and generally I don’t really understand how these things work. But I do know they are incredibly adept at being megaphones for a plethora of people for a gaggle of reasons.

I’m a visual artist. One of my closer friends diagnosed me as having Artistic A.D.D. In other words, I cannot stop creating. I paint, draw, carve, build, sew (I used to make these denim collage things, really interesting and time consuming stuff), design a mountain of shit on the computer, and I’m super tinkerer thanks to my mother’s unending injections of Lego into my young diet. I have a deep seeded fascination with the process of creation, the frustration of it, the ugliness it enters as it metamorphoses into an extravagant and inspiring image. It’s amazing to me to go through it and to see the response of people as they view what I’ve birthed. I love it.

Enough for now. Congrats to me on my very first post. This should be a very interesting journey.