Earlier this year I worked a tattoo party where I met this client. He wanted praying hands at the party! I told him no and to make an appointment with me because something like that required more time than what a party allots. He came through and I did his praying  hands on his bicep area. Loads of fun and that piece ended up in my book that I produce biannually. He returned to get these wings put around the hands. I have to admit that I was skeptical at first. I thought the idea was kinda blah… But in my usual fashion I drew the wings on him and low and behold, I fuckin LOVED it!!! It turned out better than I thought!

Thanks Lou for the challenge and the opportunity to share my talent. I am grateful.

This was done using a 5 super tight liner and a 17 bugpin curved magnum. I LOVE bugpins for black and gray work, they create the most beautiful tones.