The super sister Wyze came through again and received some new work. This time on her right arm. A tattoo from 10 years ago had faded into obscurity and she wanted something totally new. She sited references by and artist named Callow Lily. When I took a look at the work she referred me to, I got giddy. I mean like 4 year old getting chocolate giddy. Callow Lily has some bizarre and beautiful work that I’m now a fan of. Extremely colorful, big, expressive eyes, strange subject matter that makes sense the more you look at it, and above all, well executed. This design is heavily based on Callow Lily’s work with some touches from me to make sense on the arm.  7 hours and a sunrise later, this was born. It’s session 1 of 2. We only stopped because she had to get home to her cute son.

This was created using 5 super tight liner, 9 super tight liner, 9 curved magnum, and starbrite and eternal inks. Long process, very challenging, brain enlargening, tons of fun.