A few weeks ago I was contacted by a NYC friend of mine who has a friend who wanted a tattoo. She explained to me that it will be a cover-up of an ancient tattoo she received 8 years prior. A little thing that she though was bad-ass at the time. Damn our young thoughts lol! Well, stars have become passé and now she wanted something more meaningful, edgy and timeless. Enter the god-talent Jimi Hendrix. She wanted Jimi to go over the stars and for him to look psychadelic and funky. After a few sketches and honest feedback, Super-Fro Jimi is born. This is a multi-session deal so finishing will happen in a few weeks. But for now, I share the progress

This was created using a 5 super tight liner, 9 curved magnum, Eternal, Intenze and Starbrite Inks.