A few weeks back, at a tat party, I created a sergeant Pepper type dog on this huge man’s arm. He liked my work so much that he returned 🙂 As he did before, he explained his idea to me and I planned and drew it directly onto him. No preplanning, no side drawing to reference… just drawn directly onto him. I generally like doing many tattoos that way because of the freedom of body design it allows. It’s more fluid, organic and designed specifically for their body part as opposed to a generic drawing slapped on there. Don’t get me wrong, that method is tried an true and works brilliantly as well, but I enjoy the “drawing on a canvas” feel you get from planning it directly on the skin.  Nonetheless, Leo is his sign, and the U.S. Marines is what he represents all day.

This was created with a 9 traditional liner, 5 super tight liner, 15 curved magnum, intenze black ink and starbrite white ink.