Alphonse Mucha, THE grand puba of Art Nouveau. No artist is more synonymous with an era of artistic expression as this man is. His style of visual interpretation was prevalent in many posters, flyers, buildings, countries, silverware, etc everywhere. He was the original graphic designer before the field came to be known as this. His illustrations, paintings and architecture influenced the world he lived in and still influences artists today. I can happily say that I’m one of those that are heavily influenced by this dude. He was a genius! He created hundreds, if not thousands, of memorable works of art throughout his lifetime, this piece is one of those works. Mucha Moon is part of a series of poster/ painting/ illustrations that spoke of celestial beings and stars. He always incorporated the beautiful women he was influenced by into his work somehow and this is no exception. This is a setup to accept color. I did a black and gray version with little dark areas and little shading because I want the color that will be laid on top to be more pungent and in your face when its goes in. Too much dark tones will muddy the end result.

More in a few weeks.

This was created using a 1 liner, 15 bugpin curved magnum and intenze ink.