I’ve have become the go to dude for flowers for some reason. I don’t even like drawing them, but I understand how to. The lily is one of those flowers that I’ve tattooed numerous times… so much so that I know how to create it without the use of a photo. So now a curve ball gets thrown in there, I get asked to tattoo an Azalea Flower. First time I ever heard of that one. Upon further research I see it damn near mimics the lily in looks, but it really is a different flower. Nonetheless, the client asked for 2 with swirly thingys around it… Thank you for the explanation, I think I know what you’re talking about. Away I draw! Away I tattoo! Here’s the nice end result.

I created this with a 9 super tight liner, 17 bugpin curved magnum, and intenze ink (Gotta buy more. Runnin low)