One very important thing I have learned during my short time tattooing is the elasticity, pain tolerance, endurance and delicacy of the human’s largest organ: skin. It protects us from everything that constantly surrounds us everyday. In the tattooing world, decorating it is definitely a fine science. I’ve learned how to not dig too deep into a persons skin so that I don’t scar them. That means an ugly spot will appear on the finished work when healed. I’ve also learned about a type of fluid the skin will naturally release when it is superficially damaged called intrasticial fluid. It looks like blood, but it’s a fluid the body releases to help heal itself. This is cool to see. If you see blood while tattooing. That’s way too much damage and you’ve gone too deep.  I’ve learned to adjust my applied pressure for certain skin types and do tattoos without seeing either blood or intrasticial fluid. That’s when you know you’re gonna get a really good healed result. I’ve also learned that the average time people can take getting stabbed and scrapped is roughly between 3 to 5 hours. The super humans do exist who can take 7 hours plus… They are fun to work on 🙂

This is session 2 of this particular tat. One more to go. I got all the blacks and super dark areas in to lay down some ground work. Next and final session will be all the gray tones.