Is anyone familiar with that old opera, the Barber of Seville? I never knew the storyline so I can’t talk about it. Nonetheless, a straight razor is the skilled barber’s tool of choice. In the right hands, this thing can make you look like a billion dollars. In the wrong hands your jugular will be cut. This particular straight razor design is heavily influenced by the clients wife and the movie “Sweeney Todd” with my homie Johnnie Depp. I never seen it, but his straight razors are hot!

This design was an interesting challenge ¬†because I had to 1. make this flow with his arm anatomy and contours, 2. have it make sense when his arm bends and 3. make sure those razor lines were as straight as I could possible get them as a freehand line can be. Admittedly that elbow part gave me a a lil trouble but I figured it out eventually. And the sculpted handle was a lot of fun to do. A bunch of technique and needle types and sizes went into this making this one of the more rewarding tats that I’ve completed.

This was created with a 9 tight liner (outline), 3 supertight liner (handle lines), 14 round shader (white areas), 15 bugpin curved magnum, 17 bugpin curved magnum and intenze and starbrite inks… like I said, a technical lil bastard of a tat.