This was a serious challenge to design. A koi fish with hydrangeas. A new take on the classic japanese tattoo. The human body is a plethora of changing and undulating planes that present very unique situations to tattoo upon. This was very apparent for this design. The client asked for the koi to swim from her back to front right chest via her shoulder area. I understood exactly what she was looking for, so I had to figure a way of successful execution. This ended up being a fairly easy area to work on because there wasn’t a huge amount of hand-tiring skin stretching. I really got into this, developed a rhythm, especially with the background. After the typical 3.5 hours of tattooing, the pain index on her went through the roof and we had to extend this to another session.  Those flowers you see are hydrangeas, and they will be colored in the next session.

This was created with a 5 super tight liner, 3 super tight liner, 15 bugpin curved magnum, and intenze zuper black ink.

Helpful tip: When diluting a black to make gray tones, I use a solution of 1 part witch hazel and 2 parts distilled water. Helps smooth out the tones. Don’t use tap water, that’s just too prison-ish lol!