I so appreciate the patient client. I also appreciate the indecisive ones as well. This client has an affinity for firearms and music. A love/hate combination, if you will. This design was agreed upon after an hour or so of looking through my drawing books, her and I laughing about all types of silly things and finally coming to the conclusion that this is bizarrely representative of her. The gun was originally a 1911 .9 mm handgun, but I restarted it and told her she needs something a lil “prettier”. As much as I’m a fan of gun design, that particular one didn’t fit the bill. Thus enter the .44 magnum revolver. A beautiful beast of powerfully shaped steel. This shape lent itself better to this design. The piano keys are part of the smoke from the let off shot. I decided to photo the drawing as well to show that this is the preferred way for me to get a design onto skin. But I do respect and do the stencil thing. POW!

This was created with a 3 supertight liner, 15 bugpin curved magnum and intenze zuper black ink.

Tip: There are differences in shader machines. There are machines dedicated to black and gray work, they have a low speed and provide soft tones. And there are the machines dedicated to color work, higher speed and impacts the skin a lil harder to pack in color effectively. Then there are the machines that can handle both with some adjusting. Learn you machines and choose the best tool for the job.