This is a cover-up and I’m quite ashamed of myself for not taking a photo of the tattoo this covered. It was a bizarre little tattoo.. The client couldn’t even properly explain what it was. Nonetheless, she asked for me to cover it with these lips, and her instructions were very clear… “Make sure the lips are succulent and juicy”. With those instructions I ran with it. I decided with this to push my limits and see how I can do a tattoo without lines. No use of my liner machines… this one was strictly my one favorite color machine, my Borg. The result is nice, succulent and juicy. MUAH!

This was created with a 13 curved magnum and eternal, intenze and starbrite inks.

Tip: To create good tattoos, study more than just other tattoos and tattoo artists. Study the High and Low Renaissance (you’ll really understand why religious tattoos come from), Baroque, Rococo, Art Nouveau (my personal favorite), and many others… don’t forget to sprinkle in some Americana. Norman Rockwell could paint his ass off!