“How many hydrangeas need to be colored?”

“5. You ready?”

“Ouch! Really? 5..siiiigh… let’s go! I’m ready to finish this.”

I love it when clients return to have work completed and are ready to go. I’m not sure when, but I fell into a coloring rhythm with this. Almost a trance like state of dipping the needles in the ink and scraping small circles into the flowers to get the color in the skin. The clients skin was accepting of the color, but I def had to use some elbow grease to really get it in. I didn’t apply extra pressure, just went over it a few times, being really careful not to break the skin or make her bleed. I know Imma need to retouch this in a couple of weeks, which is fine because it’s part of the normal process.

This was completed with a 9 curved magnum and eternal ink.