I have to admit… because of my awareness to the pain of tattooing, I’m personally frightened to get the inside of my arms worked on. The skin is thin and it hurts, period. With that being said, this was his first tattoo, on the inside bicep, on both arms, gad-freakin-zooks! There were times when his face became all screwy from the pain, but for the most part, he took the 2.5 hours worth of pain to receive a tattoo he was extremely happy with. Much love to his parents. I’m not normally a letter dude, never have been. Growing up with my graffiti friends, I was the go-to guy for characters and such. I work daily at perfecting my letter work. This came out crispy clean.

This was created with a 9 tight liner, 3 supertight liner and intenze zuper black ink.