Floating on the internet, there is a tattoo of skin being unzipped and a skull that looks like it lays just below the surface. It’s really nicely done, kudos to that artist. I was asked to create something similar to that for someone, but they ended up going in another direction. So this drawing laid dormant in my sketchbook til this client seen my version of that zipper skull. He fell in love, I drew it directly onto his skin, he fell in love with the drawing and now it’s permanently emblazoned onto his dermis. This isn’t the best quality photograph because I forgot my good camera, I’m mad as hell at myself for that one.

This was created with a 3 bugpin supertight liner (I’m not a fan of single needle liners, too much back and forth to the ink pot), 17 bugpin magnum and the mighty intenze zuper black ink.