This weekend at some point, I caught a snippet of a show that had this guy receive a tattoo from a japanese tattoo master. It was amazing. The dude asked for a Peony flower to be tattooed onto his ankle area. The master, without a planned drawing or nothing, picked up his tattoo machine, freehand drew this complicated, simple and beautiful flower on the dude then proceeded to fill in color the traditional way… with a long stick with needles on the end of it and jab away. The process from start to finish took 45 minutes and the result was mind boggling!!! I mean, that type of skill doesn’t exist here (unless there’s a Japanese tattoo master in an apartment somewhere). Nonetheless, it kinda served as inspiration for this Cherry Blossom. The client asked for the branch to look like a watercolor painting… in a sense. And so for the first time, I dove into this with just my color shader machine and a big round shader needle and literally painted on her foot. This was an extremely satisfying process for me to see unfold and with a really nice result. I hope to get more tattoos to do like this. Thanks to the client for this brilliant idea.

This was created with a 18 round shader and intenze ink. Simple. Beautiful.