Billie Holiday died at a young age. Too young if you asked me. That woman was able to sing!!! This is the first session where I listened to music while tattooing, specifically music of the person whose portrait I’m doing. This became a huge influence for this piece, which was perfect and helped me really sculpt the piece. The client wanted Billie Holiday in particular because of a Jazz Appreciation-type class she took in college. Lady Day sang and touched her in a way that made her want a portrait of the woman emblazoned on her inner bicep.  I really liked doing this because of the zone I got into. Felt good, I think I’mma do it again… listen to certain music to help influence the piece I’m working on.

This was created with a 3 bugpin supertight liner, 15 bugpin curved magnum and intenze ink.

Tip: Pay attention to the gage of the metal of your needle. Different gages offer different results for different tattoos. the gage is indicated on the packaging of the needle. For instance; 1215 CM is the normal curved magnum. Normal thickness of metal. I like to use this when I’m working with big areas of color. But 0815 CM is the bugpin curved magnum, I love to use this for black and gray work, makes softer tones due to the thinner metal being used.