I’m a serious fan of the Transformer franchise. Not so serious as in sell my children for collector toys, but serious enough that I have emblazoned the logo on my vehicles… how appropriate, huh? Optimus Prime makes me tingle all over whenever I see him do his heroic thing. The new movies make me look out my window and hope they are on the way… Do I sound crazy yet? This was an interesting take on the ubiquitous Autonomous Robots logo that so many 80’s babies are familiar with. The client, who is an avid Transformers fan as well, asked to have the symbol look like it just went through some serious shit! As he poetically put it “I want it to look like Optimus and Megatron just beat the shit out of each other and they keep on beefin…” Oh thank you for this one.

This was created with a 3 supertight liner, 15 bugpin curved magnum (for the black and gray work), 13 curved magnum (for the color) and intenze and eternal colors.