This is kind of a sad one. This client unfortunately lost her baby. It’s not my place to explain the reasons, but it happened. Nonetheless, her and I had been going back and forth about this design for MONTHS and at first I thought this wasn’t going to happen. Then I received a text one day with a nice reference to exactly what she wanted… I dove into the drawing, redrew it to what she explained in that text and voila!!! Love and tears. Into the shop she came and 5 hours later on her side, this piece emerged (yes, 5 hours on her side!!!) She definitely gets a trophy from me for toughest client for receiving a side piece for 5 hours straight. Not too many people can handle that. Congratulations and thank you for this wonderful challenge. I always appreciate these.

This was created with a 3 bugpin supertight liner, 15 bugpin curved magnum and intenze ink