I remember when I was 16… 19 years ago. The crap that I was into made me seem like a saint compared to some of the stories I’ve heard in my life. I wasn’t the druggy kid nor was I a true bad-ass, I did graffiti on illegal walls and tagged the joint like a vandal, but that was really it. I never got busted doing the vandalism so I have no arrest stories like that fortunately. That leads to this client, at 16 she received her first tattoo… She loved it at the time and adored it til adulthood. This is why I refuse to tattoo anyone under 17. No one’s mind is right at that age. We are all horny and stupid and all teen-agery. We will say “I love pink and I’mma wear Timberlands to my wedding while dunking on Shaquille O’Neal…” Crazy teenage crap.

This was created with a 9 tight liner, 13 curved magnum, and intenze zuper black ink. Color coming later