Does anyone remember the Lil Ceasars commercials from the late 80s, early 90s? The lil mascot with the huge nose would come to the screen and say “Pizza, Pizza!” Not sure why, but that made me giggle every time. This particular piece made me recall that… because of the Robert-Robert on the banners. The reason for the double name actually makes sense. The top name, Robert Jr., was a child that passed away. Another child was born afterwards and named Robert again, thus the Robert Marquis. Don’t ask, don’t judge, just accept it and keep moving. This is a cover-up. The client came in with the name Buddah on her wrist (damn 16 yr old thought process). She asked if it were possible to do this… ready… “Can you please cover this name with 2 teddy bears, and 2 names surrounding them?” With a scratch of my head and a few “I gotchu” words, this was created. Works for her, works for me 🙂

This was created with 7 tight liner, 15 bugpin curved magnum and intenze ink