I love the fact that I can draw directly on to folks. I mean, seriously. I know not many people can do that and honestly, it’s not easy. But it can be figured out. The reason I bring that up is because I couldn’t plan this piece any better on a sheet of paper. The flat surface won’t allow me to understand his unique body composition. He asked for ; Jesus looking down cupping the world, not holding it, the world glowing, an angelic chick with wings on the inner arm, a plane and letters in the clouds… What the f*ck? I took all the elements he asked for and sketched them in as I understood them. Go figure I actually understood because I felt like I didn’t. But this is phase 2 in the process. It’s a lot to work on and a tremendous amount of damage I have to be aware of. So it gets worked on in sessions and sections. Help me Jebus!

This session used a 15 bugpin curved mag (for the black and gray work), 13 curved mag (color stuff) and this time I tried out the eternal graywash set and eternal colors. That graywash set is really nice.