The raised Black fist has become the ubiquitous symbol of all things Black American versus “The Man”. Back during the Civil Rights times when the Black Panther movement helped empower the disenfranchised, under-resourced and poverty-stricken, the Black Fist served as a kind of beacon of hope. You seen that fist raised in the air and one couldn’t help but feel all tingly and what-not all over their body. Angela Davis did it at the end of her speeches, Gold Medallist Tommie Smith, and Bronze medallist John Carlos  raised their fists on the podium after the 200m run in the 1968 Summer Olympics and a slew of other important folks put it up. This client wanted a revamped and reseen version of the Black fist with the Ankh designed with it. Not a bad idea at all.

This was created with a 7 tight liner, 15 bugpin curved maganum (the shading) and intenze ink and eternal graywash ink.