Jimi Hendrix was a brilliant, drugged-out guitarist from the 60s who played the guitar upside down and backwards and produced sounds that are still being studied and lauded 50 years later. This tattoo is 6 months in the making. When the client contacted me to do this, I got really excited because it was a chance for me  to flex my imaginative and artistic muscle. She asked for Jimi to have “psychadelic colors” and it to be based off another artists rendition of the guitar player whom I admire and is a dear friend of mine. This is a cover-up of an ancient tattoo she received. It was stars and swirls and all things girly and cute. She grew to hate it. Begun in October 2011 and completed in March 2012, this is a mighty fine Jimi head joint.

This was completed with a 14 round shader and starbrite and eternal inks.