Not too long ago I was tattooing out of my house (I’m happily in a shop now, Brockton Ink… shameless plug). I’m not ashamed to admit it. I did it because I really wanted to dive into the world of tattooing. I also did the tattoo party thing. I have to say that the parties helped me develop swiftness in drawing for folks while maintaining quality. But I became weary of them because I felt as though I was treating people like food on a conveyor belt at the local grocery store. Bing! Go! Bing! Go! Nonetheless, this tattoo was originally created at a tat party the client attended (I didn’t do the original work). She was okay with it for a while, then quickly tired of it and wanted it refreshed, upgraded and looking better overall. I figured a lil love and some imagination was all it needed.

This was refreshed with a 3 tight liner, 7 tight liner, and a 15 bupin magnum (love soft shading) and eternal graywash inks and intenze zuper black