Tribal is a beast to do. Not only do you gotta make sure you don’t carve into the person, but you gotta make sure your coverage of the area is solid. Tight circles that go in different directions seems to be the answer with some back and forth movement… otherwise you get something that heals ugly. This client was a walk-in. A large man of full stature and a grizzly beard. Intimidating to look at, cooler than the other side of the pillow to speak with. His stories had me chuckling, especially one about a cake that you find in England called Spotted Dick (I can’t make this stuff up). You gotta research the stuff to see I’m not lying about this product. Nonetheless, he walks in, shows me his phone and asks if he can get this tribal crow slotted in an area on his arm. I said yes but I need to draw it directly on you. Good times.

This was created with a 9 tight liner, 14 round shander and intenze zuper black ink.