There’s a design floating around on the internet of a catholic cross with a thousand tribal wing-like designs flowing from it. It’s cool. Nothing wrong with it if it’s your thing… But I’m def not a fan of that design. It’s a beast to do and requires an amount of patience you can only achieve while smoked out and drunk off coffee. Nonetheless, this client came to me with that cross and wing combo, but asked for a derivative of it. I damn near hugged him when he said that. When he first mentioned the placement, I thought it was kinda weird. While tattooing it onto him, I still thought it weird. Then when I completed it, I liked the way it ended up feeling… like a shoulder guard or something like that. Kudos to this client for having the vision for this one. Because I didn’t but I appreciate the outcome.

This was created with a 9 tight liner, 17 bugpin curved magnum, intenze black ink and eternal graywash ink.

(I’ve switched to the Eternal Graywash set nowadays because I love the end result of it. I’m still a fan of creating my own gray tones using a solution of water and witch hazel, but them Eternal inks… ooooweeeeee!)