This is the explanation of the design and it’s meaning from the happy owner:

“The science/knowledge to my newest tattoo is the Lotus symbolizes Enlightenment. And for me that happened when by the Lords Grace my eyes were open to His Truth 2 Cor 4:3-6. The Koi Fish has two meanings; in the Christian culture The fish is a very early Christian symbol (one of the first). The fish is an acrostic. Each letter in the Greek word for fish (Ιχθυs)(ichthus) represents another word.ichthus fish is one of the first Christian creeds: I – (i) – ησουs (Iasous) – Jesus χ – (ch) – χριστοs (Christos) – Christ θ – (th) – θεουs (Theos) – God’s υ – (u) – υιοs (Uios) – Son s – (s) – σοταρ (Sotar) – Savior The fish was used to show the initiated few that you were a Christian. It was also used in speech. If I met you in the marketplace and I thought you were a Christian I would say, “Ichthus?” If you were not a Christian, you would point me in the direction of the local fish market. If you were a Christian, you would respond “Ichthus!” We were then safe to discuss Christian matters. Also the Koi Fish means Transformation making me a new Creation in Christ through His Righteous and the work He did on the Cross. The Nails symbolize the Crucifixion and that I am living sacrifice for the Lord. The Trinity is for the Triune God-Christians believe in one God. We also believe that this one God has three distinct beings. Those beings are God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. While they have three elements, they are one unified God. I hope this blesses you. Grace & Peace.”


This was created using a 3 bugpin liner, 7 textured liner, 15 bugpin curved magnum and Intenze Zuper black and eternal graywash inks