A walk-in walked into the shop the other day with a great problem. He said that he had gone to several tattoo shops and asked if they could do a portrait of him and his 3 siblings on his back from a blurry picture he has on his iphone. He asked for the tattoo to roughly be the size of a closed hand on his back shoulder blade. Because we all have different sized hands, he wanted it to be approximately 7 inches wide by 4 or 5 inches tall.  The other tattoo shops rejected him for one reason or another. One place said “We can’t do it unless the piece is the width of your back.” Another place said “It’s too small and cannot be done.” Another place, “Nope.”  Then he walks in and I happen to help him. I’m not religious person, but I think fate made him come to me because I was the only person to say “Of course I can do that, no problem!” He got super excited  as I explained to him that in order to do this I need clearer pictures of him and his siblings. Via email he sent them, I composed drawings together, emailed the drawings to him, we had a few back and forths to make the image perfect and once he agreed, we commenced. 4 hours later… I’m super happy to have tackled something that so many other “artists” rejected because they couldn’t figure out the right questions to ask. I’m an illustrator first. I attended art school. That training helped me through this problem to create a really good solution. Go to art school y’all. Don’t be cocky. It really does help.

This was created with a 3 bugpin liner, 5 tight liner, 5 curved magnum (I had to set this one on my trusty Dringenberg machine that I use solely for black and gray work to keep the tones soft), 15 bugpin curved magnum and intenze zuper black and eternal graywash inks