Usually I work by appointment only. I find this keeps me sane, sometimes. I like it because I get a chance to plan out tats for folks. Sometimes planning is good and the result it wonderful. Other times, doing stuff on the fly proves your artistic mettle. Shows what you’re made of, how good you really are. A client canceled and this young lady walks in with her friends. Since the appointment canceled, I was able to work on her. She was a tattoo virgin looking for her first. For all you virgins out there, once you get tatted, it’s like a gateway drug, you want more and bigger. Nothing wrong with that.  She was looking for a cherry blossom-like branch that kinda sprouts from her waist area. It works on her because she is a slender lil thing. After a couple of hours and some yelps, she survived the skin scraping and loved the result. Fun times.

This was created with a 5 liner, 13 curved magnum and intenze and eternal inks.