If you listen to just about every reggae song that comes outta Jamaica; Jah, Rasta, Selassie and some other names can be heard in the mix somewhere. I love it. Shows dedication to their culture. This client was a referral from a fellow tattoo artist and friend. She came to me with this idea of a particular lion’s face (not just any), with dreads leading down to another tat that she has further down her arm. I love these challenges because I get to show off a little and help someone realize their dream tat. She thugged this one out and hung in there because at one point, I thought she was about to give up. But with some encouragement from her partner, she pulled through.

This was created with a 7 textured liner, 15 bugpin curved magnum (if you don’t know by now, I use the bugpins for my black and gray work), a 13 curved magnum (for the color) and intenze, starbrite and eternal gray wash inks