A few months back this client mentioned she wanted to challenge me with a project since I like doing color tattoos. She sent a few references of the Dia de los Muertos style faces to me and I got way too excited. This is the first time I’ve attempted this. So after a few back and forths on the drawing, we finally agreed on one, set a date and off we went. I had scheduled 2 people that day. The 2nd client never called nor showed up. I’m kinda glad because this piece was a friggin beast to work on. I utilized a few techniques and learned a couple of new ones in the process. I love it when I do. I feel like an evolving Pokémon. Nonetheless, this client gets the Queen Thug of the Year award because this first session was 9 hours. 9 FRIGGIN HOURS!!!! There are a select few people in the world who have the pain tolerance and patience for something like that. I was honored, amazed and effing tired as hell after I finished. But I must say that I have impressed myself with the results… and I’m a ridiculous critic of myself. Thanks Ms. Queen of the Thugs for giving me this challenge. This is the stuff that proves your mettle! BOOM!

This was created with a 9 tight liner (thick lines), 3 tight liner (really fine lines), 15 bugpin curved magnum (black and gray shading), 13 curved magnum (color), 14 round shader (more color work and tight areas the mag can’t handle), and eternal and intenze inks. Yes I had 5 tattoo machines loaded up for this one.