Some years ago I stumbled upon some of the most delicate, beautifully drawn, creative and female-centric illustrations created by a brilliant artist named Audrey Kawasaki. I mean, this woman is a skilled craftswoman, draftswoman and all around illustrator. I remember trying to figure out how she made her stuff feel so damn delicate so I drew several of my own renditions of her work. It took a while but I figured it out eventually. Fast forward a few years and I receive a request from a client who would like to get what’s known as an Audrey Kawasaki “doodle” on her thigh with a frame surrounding the piece. *breathe* I was too thrilled since I had studied her style. When I got the drawing on her, I kept telling myself. “Keep it light…” So I approached the tat with it being only delicate linework that must be flowy and beautiful, to try to compliment Kawasaki’s brilliant line quality. After the linework got on, I felt it needed some kind of shading, so I went with the softest touch possible and used only light graywash so that when it heals, you see it, but it’s not the first thing you notice. Now, I know it looks kinda incomplete, but it’s a “doodle”, so it’s not supposed to be like a traditional approach to tattooing with the heavy blacks and lines.  Thank you Kawasaki for being brilliant.

This was created using a 3 super tight liner, 7 textured liner, 15 bugpin curved magnum and eternal inks