Cover-ups have become a specialty of mine. Not sure when it happened, but it did. Jokingly I’ve nicknamed myself “Blanket” when I do the cover-ups because… well… the name suits the job. I’ve learned to do all kinds of cover-ups both large and small and I love the challenge they present. This client is a loyal customer who I’ve had the honor of tattooing a few times. She’s a great sitter and a thug, meaning she can take the pain extremely well. When she asked to have this designed, I originally had the panther sitting. When I placed the stencil near her to see if it would cover, it would have been ugly. So I redrew it to what you see. I do have to say that this was a much easier cover than what I’m used to, so this was a breeze.

This was creatively covered using a 5 supertight liner, 15 bugpin curved magnum and eternal gray wash inks and intenze zuper black.