This is one of those inspiring tattoos that makes me still believe in the heart of humanity. I had to fight back the m*thaf*ckin tears of joy on this one.

So!!! This client a gazillion years ago had a mother who wasn’t prepared for life and just wasn’t in her right mind. Her mother gave her away (and not her siblings) and as a result, lost contact with them. She ended up being raised by some caring folks who may not have been the best people, but they cared for her, which is still saying a lot. Growing up she never really got the chance to get to know her sisters. For unknown reasons they were kept apart. As time marched forward, the client had children of her own and became a super woman of a mother to her babies, but always had questions and curiosities about her sisters that she had lost contact with many years ago. She didn’t know where they were, how they were doing, nothing! Leap forward to the present day and our overly-abundant influx of technology and the client receives a message on Facebook from a girl who not only has the same last name as her long lost sister, but looks remotely similar. Curious, the client asked a flurry of questions to this young girl and after everything was confirmed… low and behold… the golden day arrived! The young girl is the daughter of the client’s long lost sister and as a result her and the sister reunited!!!! So now they have been talking non-stop for the past few weeks and she is understandably on cloud 9. So now, they’ve set up a date to actually meet for the first time in almost 30 years.

I love hearing stories like that. Makes ya wanna go find someone or something.

This was created with a 5 tight liner, 13 curved magnum and intenze, eternal and starbrite inks. Didn’t go with too much black shading on this because I needed those colors to be bright.