I have nothing but love for this client. She has been supporting me for a while now… back when I was tattooing from my living room. Oh the days… She currently has several tattoos, with one that I didn’t do. It’s funny becuase she called me while I was on a bus to NYC and told me she cheated on me with another tat artist because my schedule was so packed and she really wanted it.  I giggled and mentioned I’m definitely not mad. Well now she has returned and asked for lil hummingbird flying around on her inner ankle. I enjoyed doing this one because it was small. I usually get big 4 to 5 hour pieces to do. And even though I truly love and appreciate those, sometimes a small joint is a great way to just chill, get it done and laugh a little with the client about other stuff.

This was created with a 3 supertight liner, 14 round shader and Eternal graywash inks.