Get it? Koi fish tatted onto the clients inner bicep… Koi bicep, koi-cep… No? Nevermind…. I originally met this client at a tattoo party I was working in the beginning of my budding tattoo career. So he’s been a supporter for a while and I’m grateful. He asked to complete a half sleeve he began some years ago with another artist. On the outside of his arm is a coiled dragon. Originally we were going to try to place a samurai of some sort on the inside arm, but then we figured out that the sword or the head of the warrior would have been sniffing the clients armpits. Not saying they stink or anything, but that would have looked weird. We decided on the koi after realizing that it would flow with the dragon… since dragons are the evolved form of koi fish in Japanese folk lore (like a pokemon).

This was created with a 9 tight liner, 17 bugpin curved magnum and eternal and intenze zuper black.