I have been extremely lucky in my journey as a tattoo artist. I’ve encountered many people who challenge me to think very differently from what I used to and I’m grateful for that. This art form has truly become a passion for me. Because of this display of passion, I have become booked for months at a time and people are very patient when wanting something from me. To all of you who have allowed me to decorate your body, thank you for your trust. To all of you who are looking forward to receiving some work from me, I look forward to working with you. Thank you.

With that said, this client was a rare walk-in that I was able to work on. And I so glad I did!!! She asked for a lion cub on her thigh to represent her being a Leo. She mentioned she only had so much money and can I work with her. I shrugged, said sure, and away we went. I approached this one differently than any other tat I created in the past in that I used a fairly fine line to outline the piece. I normally love my thick, graphic lines. But I felt this needed a different approach. I decided to take a picture of the process I did on this one because I felt it just looked cool to see how I sometimes go from a strange looking skin sketch to a final product. I love the creative process.  I drew it directly onto the client referencing several lion pictures and when she said she liked it… whooosh!!!!! 5 hours later a cub is born. I approached this similarly to doing a full color piece in that I did a full coverage of the gray. She wanted blue eyes and some white highlights in there as well. I truly enjoyed this piece. Thank you Ms. Client for the brilliant challenge.

This was created with a 3 tight liner, 7 textured liner, 17 bugpin curved magnum and eternal graywash and color inks.