In high school I was definitely the weirdo. I had a huge poof of hair on my head that I was extremely proud of, I was the overly artistic lil dude who people remembered as the one who “could draw his ass off”, and I couldn’t get nor keep a girlfriend no matter how much I tried. Fast forward 18 years and all that oddball-ness has paid off lol! This client is a friend from those high school days. She was always super cool and taller than everyone else, I look like a child standing next to her. When she came into the shop we sat down, figured out what to do and off we went reminiscing about school and talking about our lives in general. She was looking to enhance and add to the cross she has on her back, adding the “exotic” floral arrangement.  The cross that’s in the design is a 15 year old tattoo she got from a dude on a farm in Virginia (I can’t make these stories up). It wasn’t bad at all honestly, just old. So I drew the flowers directly on her. I’ve learned that when enhancing or adding to existing tats, I definitely prefer to draw directly onto the person because I’m able to deign specifically to their body shape so it becomes something super-customized for them only.  The wonderful conversation we had made this tattoo move fast as hell for me. All I remember is laughter, reminiscing, then a finished tattoo lol!

This was created with a 9 tight liner, 17 bugpin curved magnum and eternal graywash inks.