Arachnids are just creepy for many people. Spiders give some people the creeps, scorpions solicit nightmares and centipedes make you wanna cover your ears and run for the hills. But on the other hand, they make for cool tattoos. This client is a 88 year old man who has seen his fair share of life. He’s been through wars, divorces, sex scandals and a bunch of other things that would make most people slit their throats. His hearing aid wasn’t working properly so I had to speak to him like I was speaking to a large crowd (and anyone who knows me is aware of my booming voice). While I was drawing his scorpion tattoo, he tells this story…

“While I was at the doctors one day I had to get a catheter put into my penis to clear my bladder. When they were done I asked if he could leave the spring in my penis because it kept it nice and hard… So when I get horny, I can sex my girlfriend…”

I wish I could make this shit up… Seriously, the stories and people I meet are hilarious.

This was created with a 7 textured liner, 15 bugpin curved magnum and eternal graywash ink and intenze zuper black ( I love the way it heals in all skin types)