Flowers, butterflies, stars and swirly thing-a-ma-jigs make for the bulk of typical girl tattoos that exist in the world. A lot them are for enhancing a woman’s appearance. Sometimes there’s nothing sexier than a peeking tattoo… and to imagine where it possibly leads. This design definitely follows that typical girly tattoo stereotype. A rose with the swirly tentacles leading from it (it kinda reminds me of a jellyfish). I do enjoy doing these admittedly… The swirls present a steady-hand challenge that if not executed correctly, can make the whole tat look like a friggin sneezing, shaking, crackhead was let loose on your body. Thank goodness I have calm nerves.

This was created with a 7 textured liner, 9 curved magnum and eternal, intenze and starbrite inks.

Sidenote: I have learned in my personal experience using Starbrite inks that they tend to be the bolder inks to use in darker skin tones. They seem to heal better and old their color longer.