A loved one’s passing is always a mixed emotion thing. Sometimes it’s horrendous, like the person being killed or something horrible. Or it’s ok, like the person was terribly sick for many years and their death eased many pains. Oddly, I didn’t ask for the back story on this one, felt like I shouldn’t ask for some reason. The client was super cool and I’m quite sure if I asked she would’ve been more than cool to tell me. I dunno… Anywho… This is her first tattoo. Tulips to commemorate her beloved mother. She originally just asked for one blooming tulip (have you ever seen a fully bloomed tulip? It’s not what we are all familiar with as a tulip), but I decided to go above and beyond, because it was for her mother. And the client really appreciated it. The design fit her side really well and she sat like a brick while I worked on her. There were a few funny moments where she said “Ouch that hurt” but didn’t twitch an inch. Strong girl. I know guys who would have squirmed like a freshly caught fish out the water with the placement of this one.

This was created with a 9 tight liner, 3 tight liner, 15 curved magnum, 14 round shader and intenze, eternal and starbrite inks. Certain ink colors just flow better than others. That’s why I use so many brands.