Life is amazing, damning, embarrassing, surprising, harsh, hateful, beautiful, wonderous, astonishing, loving, a plethora of adjectives that all interplay with one another and most of all, it can be excruciatingly short. Memorial tattoos are always fun yet extremely challenging to do because of how varied they can be. This client had a cousin pass tragically, thus resulting in one of those excruciatingly short life scenarios. He had just begun living… One thing everyone remembers him by is his affection for footwear, sneakers in particular. When she mentioned she wanted something to commemorate her cousin, I went the usual route of his name in a beautiful script. Then she mentioned his signature. Then came this idea which I thought was so fuckin cool. The shoelace spelling out his name. To brilliant ideas and beautiful lives, they are all priceless.

This was created with a 3 tight liner, 15 bugpin curved magnum and eternal graywash inks and intenze zuper black.