This is one of the most interesting tattoos I’ve done in a while for a specific reason… because it’s based off a painting. The client came in with his mother and the two obviously have a very interesting, strong and unique relationship. The constant banter with them was hilarious and actually shown a lot of love that they have for one another. Nonetheless, the client attended a fair some time ago and had an artist there create a quick spraypaint piece for him. Now, if ever you have gone to New York City or some of the other American fairs, there sometimes are people who create these mystical paintings with spraypaint that are fun to watch being created. The artist will pick up a can, spank it with some wood onto paper, overspray some areas, scrape the area with a card of some sort, use a bucket to make a planet, turn the paper around, sit on it, make his butt cheek prints look like mountains and all types of special effects. Watching it can be hilarious. The painting the client had created for him was of Heaven and Hell. Hell was red, Heaven was blue. The client brought the painting to me and said, “I want this one on my shoulder.” I scratched my head and had to remember a technique I used a while ago that required no line work, I had to treat this like a painting. I like the result. It presented an unusual challenge for me and I had to create a good solution to it. Hell hath fury.

This was created with a 13 curved magnum, 14 round shader and eternal inks.