Every blue moon I get the opportunity to enhance another artist’s work. Sometimes to add color, sometimes to complete what they started. Just for the record, I’m not in the business of taking clients from people. If someone comes to me with a piece they need enhanced or completed, I first ask, “Have you contacted the previous artist? Can you find the previous artist? Why will you not return to them?” For this tattoo, the answer made me hop to it. The client said “I tried calling him a few times over the course of a year to have him complete this but he stopped answering my calls…” So disrespectful. So I got to it. This actually took much longer than I had anticipated. I originally thought it would take about 3.5 to 4 hours. Ended up taking 5 because of how huge it is. I do like the tattoo much better now. Not because I did it, but because it looks like someone gave a damn and really put effort into it now. In the end, the client is thrilled with it so I feel good.

This was completed with a 9 tight liner (12 gage metal. need it to give a bold line), 17 bugpin curved magnum (08 gage metal. super soft to give a smooth fade) and Intenze Zuper Black and Eternal Gray wash inks.