The gates of heaven is a mystical, magical place where you walk or float through to get to the other side once you’re dead. I’ve never seen them… duh! lol! Anywho, this client has another tattoo on the other side of his arm that he allowed his friend to do… no comment. I had to design this to slot in between the tattoo that the friend did and have it make sense. Not the easiest task, but doable obviously. I drew this directly on him so I could adjust accordingly to the shape of his arm and the crazy shape the friend created with the previous tattoo. There’s a very interesting story that goes with this tattoo and it’s meaning to the owner, I didn’t get permission to publish it… but know that this is extremely appropriate for him. I like getting these challenges, they push my limits.

This was created with a 7 textured liner, 08 15 bugpin curved magnum (the 08 is the softer metal I like to use sometimes. It’s also a tighter tolerance and you can load this needle into a 11 flat tube) and intenze zuper black, starbrite white and eternal gray wash inks.