For those not privy, it’s pronounced Gay-sha, not gee-sha. Yyou’d be amazed at how many people I’ve heard mispronounce this word. Nonetheless, Geishas are the Japanese versions of  America’s escorts. They’ve been around for hundreds of years and have adorned the arms of thousands to all types of functions both large and small. Very proper, traditional and timeless, the Geisha has also made it into artwork all over the world. This particular tattoo is a coverup. I normally include a picture of the original tattoo, but my file became corrupted somehow. Very disappointing especially because you will be very hard pressed to try to find where the original even existed. When this client first approached me with the idea to cover an existing tattoo with a geisha I became excited. I like doing cover-ups, they present a unique design challenge that many people cannot/ will not tackle simply because they do not have the imaginations for them. I decided to go with a Geisha with a big traditional hairdo because it fit his shoulder so well, and a fan because you normally see them fanning themselves. The client also wanted some other elements in there that I left out because it would’ve made the design too cluttered.  Thank you to the Geisha for providing such stunning imagery.

This was created with a 3 tight liner, 9 tight liner, #12 15 curved magnum (the #12s stiff metal packs the color in nicely), #09 15 bugpin curved magnum and intenze and eternal inks.