One thing I have learned as an illustrator is the ability to listen and work with people. Everyone has an idea, but it’s my duty as a, kind-of, visual interpreter to translate a clients thoughts into understandable imagery that is aesthetically pleasing and and just what they want, if not more. This tattoo is one of those times when listening and willing to alter or change the design entirely before it gets to skin was needed. The client originally wanted a representation of a butterfly that had a bunch of meanings and elements intertwined in it. One was designed and after some thought, she wanted it switched to an “African-American Angel with exaggerated features…” I agreed of course because she felt really strongly about the new direction and plus our appointment was still  alittle ways away. I created this, she loved it and away we went. The angel represents one of her female family members that passed away and how they will always watch over her. Funny enough, the angel faces another tattoo she has on her back that represents her children. So the family member is watching over everyone.

This was created with a 5 tight liner, #08 15 bugpin curved magnum (this needle fits into a 11 flat tip. Anything bigger will make it bounce around and you will lose precision), and intenze super black and eternal graywash inks.