I have to say that I’m very impressed, amazed, stupified and in awe of this client. When he first asked to have the superman logo tattooed onto his chest, I assumed something that fit in the space from his collar bone to the bottom of  the sternum plate (chest bone). Low and behold, he wanted it the same way that the character Superman that we all know and adore has it on his suit, friggin GINORMOUS! So I put it on him, from collarbone to top of abs and from one edge of his chest to the other. This caught me off guard, I have to admit, because 99% of the people I have tattooed in this area of the body experience serious agony. But not this tough sonuvabitch! Nope! He sat through this as though his chest wasn’t connected to his body. I was honestly amazed at how he sat through this like a brick in a building. His reasoning for getting this, “I’ve always admired Superman growing up… some days I feel like I’m Superman as well…” Well now he has a ‘S’ of his chest to prove he really may be.

This was created with a 9 loose liner, 18 round shader, #12 15 curved magnum and intenze and eternal inks.