Portrait memorial pieces are always sentimental and I take great pride in doing them well for the client receiving it. I know I gotta make sure it’s the absolutely best I never knew I could do. The woman depicted had a condition for a long time and never shared it with her children til she was in her last months of life. Kinda good she did that because she wouldn’t have been able to live the full life that she did. We all want to protect the ones we love from danger of all kinds, whether controllable or not. But sometimes its best to just allow the ball to roll where it wants to go instead of trying to control it. Let is have fun without being hindered. That’s what she did. A very unselfish decision. She allowed everyone to live life to the fullest, including herself.

This was created with a 3 tight liner, 7 tight liner, #09 17 bugpin curved magnum (fits in a 15 flat tip. had to get the bigger areas covered more effectively), #08 15 bugpin curved magnum (on my slower machine so I can get all those subtle details in the shadows on the face) and intenze zuper black, eternal gray wash system and for the really light areas, Silverback gray wash X1 (in case you’ve never used Silverback inks, they are really beautiful to use and they heal very nicely, although kinda light for my taste. But if you’re looking to get that light shadowed effect, Silverbacks are the goodness).